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Crossroads’ dedicated women of God have their new set of servant leaders, namely:


  • President: Gina Guevarra

  • Vice President: Alta Hernandez

  • Secretary: Josie Manalo

  • Assistant Secretary: Maria Mirabueno

  • Treasurer: Virgie Frieberg

  • Assistant Treasurer: Lulu Sera

  • Sgt. at Arms: Precy Moya & Annie Valenzuela


Guided by Proverbs 20:5 that says, “A plan in the heart of a man is like a deep water, but a man of understanding draws it out”, the women leaders would like to cultivate an environment that draws out the plan of God hidden in the hearts of the people. Helping others to become what God called them to be is considered to be God’s commission to the women. They will start fulfilling this commission through their participation in the discipleship program of the church by starting to form small groups. Such groups will develop a sense of belongingness and draws out greatness in them.


Partnering with the Men’s Ministry as greeters, a spirit of love, joy and peace from a warm welcome will be felt by each one.  Crossroads brethren as well as visitors to the church service will feel that they belong to the Crossroads family. Fund-raising activities for the church building fund is also a part of the Women’s Ministry plan of action.  As the women leaders trail through their leadership responsibility, they will rely on how God orders their steps to achieve the ministry goals. 


Women of Crossroads church, please join the Ministry.

An invitation is extended to all women who are willing to take part in God’s work. Being a part of  the Women’s Ministry is a fulfilling and joyful experience. 

Come and join this group in glorifying the Lord!